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Burn After Writing

self-care tools writing May 09, 2022

Well, it’s all in the title! You can stop reading now. Just kidding! There’s a little more to it. Although writing and burning is a simple process, it may not be easy. I’m asking you, yes YOU, to put down all your thoughts on paper. Use a personal journal, plain notebook, or scrap paper. Good, bad, right, wrong, ugly, pretty, get those words on the pad. See, these thoughts are clogging up your head. When you put them on paper, they stop floating around up there and find a new home; the paper.

Whenever you are obsessing, planning, or just upset, turn to written word. Simply write all the words that come to mind. No matter what shows up. And don’t worry about someone finding it, we’ll make sure no one ever sees. You don’t need to be embarrassed or scared. Your job is to write.




Once you’ve written everything and removed it from spinning through your mind, you will need to express it another way. Find an empty place with no one else around, and then… read it aloud. How scary! You will say everything out loud! This is another way to transfer the thoughts from your head into the real world. It may be counterintuitive to speak the awful stuff out loud, but this transference is another way to rid your mind of the unwanted thoughts. Speak them with all the emotion you truly feel about the event, person, place, or thing. The more you put into it, the greater the shift and breakthrough.




The final step is the most transformative and it involves fire 😉 After all you have written has been spoken, separate the page and crumple it. Find a safe place to light the paper on fire; remember to be aware of your surroundings. You must watch the paper burn entirely. Watch the whole paper turn to ashes. This is the final stage of write and burn. Be sure to execute this step even if it seems trivial.




As you perform each simple (not so easy) step, it counts as your own personal healing session! You bring your issues to the surface, acknowledge them, and release them into a new state of being. This is a transformative process. Like a phoenix, you rise from the ashes. Enjoy yourself. If you need clarification or help getting started, contact Hollie today.


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